Spradley & Spradley, Inc. began as Spradley and Associates in 1982.  Founded by Tom Spradley, the firm became Spradley & Spradley, Inc. once Linda Spradley became active in the firm.

In today’s world, more and more policy decisions are being made at the state level, in State Legislatures and regulatory agencies across the country.  Many issues are rooted in local communities, decided at that level, or brought to the Legislature for resolution.  Louisiana is no exception.  Spradley & Spradley provides an experienced and results-oriented team to effectively manage any local, legislative, or regulatory issue.  We know the people; we know the process; and we know the politics.  Our ability to comprehensively manage a challenging and diverse array of issues has brought incomparable success to our clients.

Through the years, the firm has successfully represented clients who are leaders in the fields of agriculture, education, communications, administration of high school athletics, real estate development, school administration, transportation, publishing, hospitals, pharmacy, nature institutes, mental health hospitals, automobile manufacturing, chemicals, insurance, technology, accounting, marine manufacturing, prison administration, railcar manufacturing and bio-fuels.

Partners Tom and Linda Spradley were joined by their son Matthew in 2010.  Matthew serves as Vice President in the firm.  The firm, headquartered in downtown Baton Rouge, maintains a professional relationship with the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce, and various other professional associations.  

Spradley & Spradley, Inc. Firm History

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