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Our firm has been successful in many legislative issues, and we would like to mention a few of them.

Banking - Passed the multi-parish, interstate, and international banking laws that brought Louisiana banking into the 20th century.

Education - Passed the original "TOPS", a state supported tuition program for qualified students that became model legislation for similar programs in other states.

Fiscal Reform - Passed the Sub-S Corporation legislation, the first piece of fiscal reform package.

Environment - Passed vapor recovery legislation and oil spill legislation to comply with the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) for the barge industry in Louisiana. Other states used this legislation as a standard.

Healthcare - Passed legislation that saved a hospital approximately $1 million. The legislation repealed an amendment that mandated the procurement, delivery, dispensing, and distribution of federal legend drugs by the hospital pharmacist.

Inheritance - Passed “gold digger” legislation capping a surviving spouse’s inheritance at $1 million if said spouse is “poorer in great margin” than the deceased.

Maritime - Passed legislation that provided the defendant in maritime cases with the same fundamental right of the plaintiff to have his case heard by either a judge or a jury.

Telecom - Passed legislation that repealed a Circuit Court decision that imposed a new tax on the wireless industry